20 June, 2021

Asset Wise joins our Mission

We are proud to announce, that Asset Wise Public Company Limited has joined the Corsair Mission, in order to clean our environment from plastic waste pollution.

Asset Wise is a large-scale Thai real estate developer with tens of properties, located mainly in the capital Bangkok area, under the following brands: Atmoz Condominiums, Brown Condominiums, Modiz, Wynn, Episode, Kave, H2, Glam, The Honor, and Baan Puripuri.

Asset Wise develops a variety of properties from high-rise condominium buildings to luxury private residences and is listed on the Thai Stock Exchange.

Together, Corsair and Asset Wise aim to reduce the amount of landfill plastic waste from the Asset Wise properties by using Corsair’s innovative recycling process to convert plastic waste into Advanced Bio-oil.

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